The Fairbanks House of Dedham, MA

The Fairbanks House located in Dedham, MA is the oldest standing wooden structure in the United States, with tree ring dating showing it first went up in 1637. But that’s not why I sat down with Curator Daniel Neff and Program Director Allison Neff (the last name isn’t a coincidence, they’re husband and wife!), because what do you get when you have ghosts in America’s oldest house?! That’s right… THE OLDEST HAUNTED HOUSE IN THE GOOD OLD US of A!

In this interview we learn not only a big about the history of the family who lived in this house for eight generations but about which members still hang around and set off the security alarms, a little about hex marks in Puritan New England, and about all the evidence paranormal investigators have uncovered in the home…. including using video game technology to uncover possible ghosts. FIND OUT MORE BY LISTENING TO THIS EPISODE- CLICK HERE!!!!

Thank you so much to The Neff’s for taking the time to talk history and ghosts! Truly lovely people! Be sure to check out their website to see when the home open backs up for tours!

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