Legends from Haunted New England Hotels

The wonderful Jamie Day was in the co-host chair this week as we took a deep look into a few of the regions most haunted nights away.

The Captain Fairfield Inn of Kennebunkport, ME overlooks the Kennebunkport’s River Green, on the corner of Pleasant and Green Streets. Captain James Fairfield built his Federal-style mansion in 1813-1815, after he had been released from British imprisonment at Dartmoor Prison during the War of 1812. Captain Fairfield, his wife Lois, and his family enjoyed living here together for 5 years until he died of pneumonia on July 23rd 1820. The house remained a private residence all the way until 1991 when it was turned into an Inn….. an Inn with a friendly, breakfast loving ghost!

The Hawthorne Hotel of Salem, MA is regularly referred to as America’s most haunted hotel (with the Yelp reviews to prove it!) and has been featured on many ghost hunting television shows. As if being in this spooky town doesn’t make it scary enough, find out about all the scares that happen on the sixth floor!!

Last but not least!

The Yankee Pedlar Inn is a historic hotel located in Torrington, Connecticut, USA. The inn, which now has 52 rooms, was built for its original owners, Frank and Alice Conley, in 1891. But is Alice still haunting room 353?! Is Frank still trying to use the phone at the pub?!


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  1. Rick says:

    Great episode!


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