BONUS! BONUS!! This was a Beth run bonus on what people had to say about being visited by angels. Visits include: praying to angels and having them show up, family members coming back, helpful angels, & protection angels. EPISODE IS HERE


The spookiest day of the entire year and we are HERE FOR IT! (Or, I guess that I should say we were, I’m a little behind updating the website). We go back to the very beginnings of the holiday over 1,000 years ago with the Celtics and track it up to modern times in this…

Shadow People!! What are they!?

Possibly the most commonly seen paranormal occurrence with countless tales told across the internet what ARE shadow people!? Malevolent Spirits? Aliens? Djinn? Dreams? Meth induced Hallucination?!?!?! And how are there so many subtypes?! LISTEN HERE

Native American Burial Grounds

BAM! Who doesn’t love a good Native American Burial Ground story?! This episode we cover three of the most well known locations around the country: Lake Shawnee in West Virginia (which could double as an abandoned amusement park haunting) , The Apache Death Cave in Arizona, and The Mexican Memorial Hospital down in Florida. Guess…


Ahhh yes. Our first Bonus Episode and lucky her it’s on Amelia’s favorite subject NDE’s. No, No, No, we’re not talking about that train missing you by an inch, or the car crash that should have been but wasn’t, we’re talking you are dead. DEAD! Up in heaven and meeting God and all your guides…

Haunted Ghost Stories From Connecticut

Spooky stories from the….. are you serious…. ok, whatever, spooky stories from the “Qui transtulit sustinet” state. A few of these haunted places were even investigated by the infamous Ed & Loraine Warren. Haunted spots include The Sterling Opera House in Derby, CT, The Union Cemetery in Easton, CT, The Homespun Farms B&B in Griswold,…


Join Amelia and Beth for this fun episode looking at a few spooky lighthouses in the great state of Maine! Maine! The Vacation State! But is it home of the great vacation? Well, we’ve got some opinions on that too. The lighthouses we go over include The Seguin Lighthouse and The Wood Island Lighthouse in…

Ghost Stories with The Unbelievers Podcast

On this episode Amelia and Beth chat with The Unbelievers Podcast. We learn all about their show (like how all three hosts are in different cities- what!? so cool!), the awesome online community they have cultivated. AND some very cool ghost stories they have including Russ declining to go on ghost quest in New Orleans….

The Peter Oliver House

The Peter Oliver House is a historic home located in Middleborough, MA. It was built in 1796 and has an incredibly interesting place in US History as it was home to a family of prevalent loyalists during the time of The Revolution, it also has a whole lot of ghosts! On this episode Amelia dives…


Join us this week as we investigate Danvers State Hospital with Medium Jamie Day!! We had so much fun and learned a ton about the history of this very creepy insane asylum. YOU CAN FIND THE EPISODE HERE! To get in touch with Jamie Day here is her contact info!!! mediumjamieday.comInstagramfacebook