Guest and Friends of the Show!

Finally! A comprehensive list of where you can find everyone who’s been on our show! Woohoo! Guests are listed in order of when they first came onto the show!!

This list was last updated on February 24, 2022.

Barry Corbett: Paranormal Investigator

Lead Investigator with Boston Paranormal Investigators. We actually tag along with BPI pretty often and think they’re one of the better Paranormal Investigation groups in the area. With Barry we have gone to investigate: Amelia’s business multiple times (how we met!), The Peter Oliver House, The Wayside Inn, and Wessagusset. To get in touch with Barry or BPI on the contact form on their WEBSITE or by joining their FACEBOOK GROUP.

Will Fox: Paranormal Investigator

Will Fox made his first premier on the show way way back in Season 1! He would go on to co-host most of season 2 and come back to hang out with us in seasons after! When he fist came on he was a high ranking member of Long Island Paranormal Investigators, he then became lead investigator of LIPI Buffalo. Now he’s living it up in sunny Arizona still looking into everything spooky out that way- but now he does it with a tan. To get in touch and send him your haunted dolls go give him a shout on instagram @will_fox_paranormal

Abigail Dalton: Psychic Medium

Abigail Dalton is a psychic medium located on the South Shore of Massachusetts. In addition to doing in home psychic investigations and medium readings, she also teaches tarot and mediumship courses. You can find her at Open Doors in Braintree, MA.

Tim Reagan: Wiccan High Priest

Timothy Reagan is a Wiccan High Priest, Psychic, Medium, Free Mason Lodge Master, and co-owner of Pentagram Witchcraft & Magick Shoppe in historic Salem, MA. Tim has appeared numerous times on Ghost Hunting in New England Podcast always with a wealth of knowledge regarding all things spiritual and occult. Beth, Amelia, and just about anyone who has ever read with him considers him the best psychic reader in New England and has been known to accurately predict time frames down to the day. We’ve had many listeners write into the show to let us know they spoke to Tim and NONE have been disappointed. To get in touch with Tim Reagan you can visit him at his business PENTAGRAM SALEM (Phone readings available).

Jamie Day: Psychic Medium

Jamie Day is another Psychic-Medium who has graced our podcast multiple times in multiple ways!! She is come on to help us investigate the grounds at Danver’s State Hospital and Star Island, she has given Amelia a live medium reading on the show, and has even hung out and co-hosted a handful shows! In addition to her work as a psychic-medium she also hosts workshops around New England and teaches classes on mediumship development. She’s also the creator, writer, and host of Lost Souls of America Podcast which she works on with Amelia. To book a reading with Jamie or to find out more about what she offers you can click HERE.

Unbelievers Podcast

We did an episode with our pals Russ Ryan, Dre Amora (also host of Spirits & Spirits) , and Rob Okey of the incredible Unbelievers Podcast. They’ve done a great job maintaining and growing the amazing community started by The Unbelievable Podcast and have IMMENSELY helped GHNE get off the ground. We for sure would not be where we are today with our the help of Russ Ryan and the whole gang!! It’s Amelia’s favorite podcast and we hope you check it out too. See their website HERE.

Brendan Shay: Paranormal Investigator

Long time paranormal investigator and podcast Brendan Shay joined us for an episode. Check out his show that he does with his partner Annie Weebs by clicking HERE.

John Kozik: Ouija Board Collector

John Kozik of the Salem Witch Board Museum was kind enough to give us a quick interview. John has been collecting Ouija Boards for fifteen years and his museum houses 300-500 of them. He is also treasurer for the Talking Board Historical Society. His museum is only 500 square feet and is a must see when visiting Salem. They don’t have a website but you can find more information HERE.

David Wray: Numismatist

Numismatist, author, collector, palm reader, and all around interesting guy David Wray came on and gave a fascinating interview about his book ‘The Secret Roots of Christianity: Decoding Religious History with Symbols on Ancient Coins’. David has an incredibly cool collection of ancient coins and artifacts including a witches ring that he was kind enough to bring for me to take a look at. Be sure to buy a copy of his book by clicking HERE.

Don DeCristofaro: Paranormal Investigator

Don DeCristofaro has been a paranormal investigator for 20 years and is co-founder of the Greater Boston Paranormal Associates (GBPA). Most notably Don runs the ghost investigations on the USS Salem in Quincy, MA which we often refer to as “one of the most haunted places in all of New England” on the show because, well, it is! That’s probably why Travel Channel featured it on an episode of “Most Terrifying Places”. Don has a wealth of knowledge about the paranormal and has appeared on national network television shows and speaks at a variety of Paranormal Expos throughout New England. To learn how you can visit a ghost hunt on the USS Salem click HERE.

Dan and Allison Neft: Historians and Curators

Dan and Allison Neft were nice enough to pay us a visit and talk all about the Fairbanks House in Dedham, MA. The oldest standing house in the United States, or, as we like to call it America’s Oldest Haunted House!! Dan and Allison not only are caretakers and program directors for the house but lecture on all the paranormal happenings inside the home and how they relate to the history of the house. To learn more about the Fairbanks House and schedule a visit click HERE.

Thom Reed: UFO Abductee

Famous UFO abductee Thom Reed came on the show to tell us all about his and his family close encounter in the summer of 1966. He also tells us all about his infamous park: The Thom Reed UFO Monument Park, which is a pretty picturesque park way, way out Sheffield, MA. Thom has been featured on Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and most notably on Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries. To learn more about Thom Reed and his park click HERE.

Dave McCullough: Big Foot Hunter

Dave McCullough of Squatchachusetts came by and talked to us all about big foot sightings in Massachusetts and beyond!! His group Squatchachusetts does a great job collecting evidence of these great beasts roaming around the country, specifically right here in MA. You can learn more about Squatchachusetts and how to contact them by clicking HERE and be sure to check out their cool merch on their etsy shop by clicking HERE (Amelia loves her Squatchachusetts t-shirt and highly recommends you getting one too).

Steve Dooner: Professor

Steve is an English Professor at Quincy College, a playwright, director, actor, author, expert apple picker, and all around interesting guy who was fortunate enough to have Beth as a student many years ago (we won’t say how many, hehe). He was kind enough to donate his time to us and share fascinating information about the great horror and macabre authors. You can see his fascinating faculty focus on why we are all so captivated by the supernatural by clicking HERE.

Steven Flaherty: Paranormal Investigator

Steven Flaherty is the lead investigator for The Seven Hills Ghost Hunters & Paranormal Researchers located in Worcester, MA. He is also a member of the Sacred Order of Saint Michael and assists in demonic exorcisms. While we notoriously “Don’t Do Demons” it’s good to know people like Steven are out there helping rid the world of them. To learn more about The Sacred Order of St. Michael click HERE.

Christy Parrish: Paranormal Investigator

Veteran paranormal investigator Christy Parrish has been interviewed twice on Ghost Hunting in New England about her work as care taker and event coordinator at the Peter Oliver House in Middleborough, MA. The Oliver House is full of history and full of ghost so go for the ghost and stay for the history! Or go for the history and stay for the ghosts! She has appeared on TLC, Destination America, and Kindred Spirits just to name a few and is also the paranormal coordinator for The Mayflower Lodge and Emery Estate. Be sure to follow The Oliver House on Facebook to see about upcoming events.

Peyton Pugmire: Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

Want to find out more about who you were in a past life or where you were hanging out in between lives? Look no further than Peyton Pugmire of Creative Spirit in Marblehead, MA. Peyton is an extremely talented Past Life Repression Hypnotherapist, intuitive, and medium who guides clients to unlocking the history of their past. Can’t make it to Marblehead? No worries, he can meet you on zoom! Find out how you can book our own appointment by visiting his website HERE.

The Paranormal Couple: Paranormal Investigators & Haunted Collectors

“The Paranormal Couple” Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes from the Travel Channel series “Ghost Hunters” & “Ghost Nation,” are paranormal investigators with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), founded by Satori’s father (Jason Hawes) in 1990. Together they are also the curators of “The Paranormal Couple’s Haunted Museum of Objects Oddities & Curiosities” which is currently featuring a touring exhibition that displays up to 100 presumed haunted objects that have been selected from the museum do to their intriguing stories.  They were so cool to come and talk to our podcast! You can go check out their website and learn more about them and their upcoming events by clicking HERE.

Special Thanks

An extra special thank you to everyone who has come on to guest host an episode over the years!! This includes: Will Fox, Mike from Arizona, Jamie Day, & Mike & Lauren (yes! Mike did sell his Nissan!)!! Thank you also to Aaron Schilb who wrote our bitchin’ intro music!


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