Join us this week as we investigate Danvers State Hospital with Medium Jamie Day!! We had so much fun and learned a ton about the history of this very creepy insane asylum. YOU CAN FIND THE EPISODE HERE! To get in touch with Jamie Day here is her contact info!!! mediumjamieday.comInstagramfacebook


Stone Tape Theory

Join us this week as we discuss Stone Tape Theory with a real life theoretical physicist (and he’s from the United Kingdom! Shout out to our UK listeners please send us your ghost stories!)! Is there a scientific reason for this phenomenon!? Find out by clicking here!

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Weymouth Haunted House

This week we explored a haunted house in Weymouth, MA. There were orbs, and noises… and we got ’em on camera! Listen to this week’s episode, and check out the video on YouTube or Instagram. (I have a better idea now why all paranormal videos look the way they do…)

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Ghosts in the News

In Episode 4, Amelia and Beth watch some clips of news stories about ghosts in the news around the country, and in Wales. Amelia debuts her News Clips Ratings System where she decides about the validity of the videos and news crews. Watch the clips below! Guest at The Shining Haunted Hotel Captures Eerie Ghost […]

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Your Favorite Spooky Podcast

Join Us! Amelia and Beth, two cousins out to investigate all of New England’s bumps in the night! We’ll be looking into everything spooky including ghost hunts, EVPs, talking to experts in the paranormal research field and much more! So grab some donuts and get ready for your new favorite spooky podcast launching in May!

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