Welcome to the Website!

Hello and happy Wednesday, welcome to the OFFICIAL Ghost Hunting In New England Website! So happy to see you here! If you scroll down you can find a brief description of all of the episodes, you can find all of our social media, as well as contact info for all the friends of the show.

You can even contact the show directly from our website OR if you want to send a drive-by-ghosting (aka your own ghost story) please EMAIL it to ghosthuntinginnewengland@gmail.com! You can either write it down OR send us a voice recording…. if you send us a recording PLEASE keep it to under 3 minutes long!!

If you would be so kind please SUBSCRIBE to both the website and the podcast and leave us a FIVE STAR review so we can reach more people and hear more of their ghost stories! If you don’t feel the show deserves 5 stars please feel free to utilize that contact sheet and let us know what we can do to make the show a little bit better for you!

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  1. Teal Harvey says:

    Love your humor and story telling. I am from Nantucket and grew up in Swampscott. My moms family are still in Salem.


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