An Evening with Medium Jamie Day

The Best! So Good! I got to spend the evening hanging out with Medium Jamie Day of Danvers, MA. I got an amazing hour long mediumship reading that rocked my world and left me speechless (don’t worry I didn’t include it all in the episode #emotional #personal )

Jamie and I also got to discuss my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE subject, the non-physical collective consciousness that makes up ABRAHAM HICKS. On the episode you hear my reference a book multiple times and that book is “Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires” (if you decide to order it I HIGHLY suggest going with an audio tape… I listen to all of their books on Audible on the way to work). ***IF ANYONE READING THIS HAS ANY EXPERIENCE CHANNELING NON PHYSICAL CONSCIOUSNESS LET ME KNOW***

Jamie also gives me and the listeners some tips on how to scribe and how we can also connect more with our spirit guides.

You can reach out to Jamie on her Facebook or Instagram or through her website. Be sure to check out all of her upcoming events and book a reading for yourself!


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