Ghosts in the News

In Episode 4, Amelia and Beth watch some clips of news stories about ghosts in the news around the country, and in Wales. Amelia debuts her News Clips Ratings System where she decides about the validity of the videos and news crews. Watch the clips below!

Guest at The Shining Haunted Hotel Captures Eerie Ghost Figure

This clip from Inside Edition shows the spooky panoramic photograph the traveler took at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

Ghost Sightings at Haunted House in Nelson (Wales)

Begin at 1:11

This clip from the BBC is about a 16th Century house in Wales in the UK, and the experience of one of the historical interpreters who work in the house.

Haunted House’s “Ghost” Attacks News Crew

In this clip from CNN, a newcrew from Pennsylvania is witness to some spooky activity at a private residence.

Michigan Couple Says Ghost Seen On Nanny Cam Scratched Daughter

This clip from WXYZ in Detroit has an interview with the parents of their 18 month daughter who was allegedly scratched by a ghost they saw on their nanny cam.

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