Haunted Government Buildings

Season 3 – Episode 9 Is this an election year? Here’s about as close as Amelia and Beth get to talking politics: looking at government buildings that are home to ghosts in New England and some more famous government buildings. First up, the Capitol building in Washington, DC, the site of the United States Congress. […]

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Abandoned Asylums

Season 3 – Episode 8 This week, Amelia and Beth are talking all about the history of asylums in New England and the United States. Once they cover the whole history of why asylums were built, and a wrap up of why TB is an awful disease, they give you some of the scary stories […]

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The Bridgewater Triangle

Season 3 – Episode 2 Not to be confused with the more famous Bermuda Triangle, but southeastern Massachusetts has its own scary triangle with haunted happenings. Join Amelia and Beth as they explore the history of this small triangle of land between Bridgewater, Fall River and Freetown. Are there UFOs? What exactly is a puckwudgie? […]

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An Interview with Author, Numismatist, & Collector, David Wray

This week I had a fascinating interview with David Wray, palmist, astrologer, numismatist, collector, and author of the book ‘The Secret Roots of Christianity: Decoding Religious History with Symbols on Ancient Coins’. This was such an interesting look into numismatists, religion, history, artifacts, divination, and more!!! David is also one of the founders of the […]

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Ghosts in the News

In Episode 4, Amelia and Beth watch some clips of news stories about ghosts in the news around the country, and in Wales. Amelia debuts her News Clips Ratings System where she decides about the validity of the videos and news crews. Watch the clips below! Guest at The Shining Haunted Hotel Captures Eerie Ghost […]

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