Paranormal Investigator Brendan Shay from Serial Spirits PLUS John Kozik of The Salem Witch Board Museum, & Tim Ellis of Cirque of the Dead

Dang, maybe we made that title too long. We got to learn all about Brendan Shay, how he looks for ghosts, his best stories, and about his podcast Serial Spirits which he puts on with his partner-in-crime (and life) Annie Weebs down in West Virginia (aka Mothman country).

Following that talk Amelia had a mini interview with John Kozik who owns and operates the new Salem Witch Board Museum. Everyone knows we don’t condone quijiing without experience but what does this expert have to say???

Then! Beth is joined by Writer and Host, Tim Ellis, of Cirque of the Dead! An annual show that runs at the Oberon in Haaa-vaad Square in Cambridge. What inspired them to put on a circus show about paranormal investigators!?


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